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What is a college application essay and why is it required ?

A college application is an important document that will be read by the admission officers in few minutes but can

also make a difference in the admission decision. The essay has to be written by the student either to answer a certain

question or write a general essay highlighting

the purpose for applying to the course and most importantly telling the admission committee who you are and what motivates you

who you are and what motivates

you in life and why you wish to take this course.

Through the application essay the student can divulge more information about their personality which has not been covered

in the statement of purpose, CV or the letter of recommendation. It is an important document that lets the admission officers

know more about your thought process,

motivations and personality which also bring to forth your qualities which are not portrayed from the academic and test scores.

Most importantly you have to tell your story to the admission committee which will uncover your personality, life experiences,

challenges, triumphs, setbacks and most significantly the

lessons learnt.

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Great Support

We are available for you all the time for any kind of support you need before departure.

Banking Support

We want our students to fulfill their foreign study aspirations without any financial anxieties.

Support We Provide

After visa is granted, we offer pre-departure briefing sessions to all our students. It is an informal session to educate them about various characteristics of the study destination. The session gives them an opportunity to clarify last minute queries and get tips to help them make their experience of studying abroad a truly rewarding one. This is our way to show that our services are not limited to helping students get admissions only, but that it extends much beyond. To us, what matters most is the relationship that we build with our students and their families.

  • Support & wellbeing in your new country
  • Banking and foreign exchange
  • Working while you study and advice on internships
  • Insights into the local culture
  • Help to get a Student visa / Single student visa.
  • Help to buy flight tickets at an affordable rate.
  • Help to pay tuition fees to university and keep proof of those payments.

Support For Students on Pre-departure


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